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Unfortunately, most of the cosmetic brands that are on the market are created for yesterday, because do not take into account the fact that the environment in which we live and the way people live have undergone dramatic changes.

What we know about skin?

The primary function of the skin is to protect – at many levels and layers and through many mechanisms.

The first level of protection preserves us from the harmful exposure of external physical and chemical factors, as well as from an enormous number of microorganisms that surround us.

The second level of protection is the lipid barrier of the skin in the stratum corneum, which is similar to a brick wall, where skin cells play the role of bricks, and the lipid protective layer is similar to cement, which glues these bricks together. The lipid barrier like the first level of protection, protects the skin from aggressive external influences, but, more importantly, this layer protects the skin from loss of internal moisture, i.e. does not allow it to evaporate. The damages to this layer lead to skin becoming sensitive.

Corneotherapy is the science of the health of the stratum corneum, founded by the American dermatologist Albert Kligman. Corneotherapeutic skincare is nowadays the one which is the most demanded and scientifically valid, but also technologically complex.

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