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Our cosmetics

How We Define Clean Beauty

Our skin is unique. Each has its own individual needs for care, depending on the state of the skin at a particular moment, on the state of health, on the season, on environmental factors that influence it, and ultimately on lifestyle. Our skin is constantly changing. Taking care of her is an important part of the lifestyle. Lifestyle is changing, our skin is changing.

Unfortunately, most of the cosmetic brands that are on the market are created for yesterday, because do not take into account the fact that the environment in which we live and the way people live have undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Since new technologies in the production of cosmetics require very high-quality raw materials, they have a complicated technological process and, consequently, many investments, while the new approach is not widely used, but it’s the future.

Combining scientific and medical experience, RESPONSE by Dr.Stavro has developed a basic line of cosmetics that uses physiological membrane lipids (corneotherapy) that work in harmony with your skin.

The main features of our cosmetics

1. Restores the protective barrier of the skin with physiological lipids;

2. Activates the processes of self-regulation of the skin

3. Prevents sensitive skin

4. Protects skin from dermatological diseases

5. Prevents premature aging processes.

Does not contain harmful emulsifiers, parabens, silicones and mineral oils. Hypoallergenic and physiological.

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