The composition and quality of cosmetics are very important, but improper use of cosmetics can reduce its effectiveness in many ways. Simple tips from RESPONSE by Dr. Stavro will increase the healing power of cosmetics and make your skin radiant.

The optimum time for facial skin care in the morning is one hour before leaving the house. It is advised to maximize the ability of skincare products to
Dr. Stavro’s tips for more radiant skin:

1. Use accessories to cover the face from the hair.

2. Wash your hands thoroughly.

3. To cleanse the skin in the morning, it is enough to use the tonic (also known as fruit water). Apply a small amount of product on a cotton ball and rub the entire face, neck and décolleté area. You can also use our toner during the day because it is sprayable. Just spray it on your face for a refreshing and vitalising effect.

4. Conclude the care with a cream that suits your skin type. Apply a small amount to the face, neck, décolleté and eye area. For gentle massaging movements, massage the cream into the skin until completely absorbed. All RESPONSE creams are so gentle that they can also be used on delicate skin around the eyes.
All of our creams form the perfect foundation for applying makeup.

IMPORTANT! Up to date cosmetics and proper skincare rutine will allow you to spend less and achieve better results

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