Here’s the advice of Dr. Stavro.

1) Apply a small amount of cream, not larger than PINK pepper, to the palm of your hand.

2) Then, with fingertips of three middle fingers, alternately pick up the cream from the palm of your hand.

3) Then transfer the cream to middle fingers of your other hand and distribute the product evenly over the face.

When face cream is applied to the fingers of both hands, successively:

☑️ Apply to face, cheek, neck and décolleté.

☑️ Use gentle massage movements until completely absorbed.

☑️ Then massage the cream also into the forehead and nose.

Cream for dry and very dry skin has a dense texture, so it should not be massaged, but gently applied to the skin. If necessary, re-apply the cream.

For oily skin you should start by applying the cream only on the cheeks and neck. Once the cream has been massaged into the skin, easily run your fingers along the forehead and nose.

NB! Please note that all creams from Response by Dr. Stavro are very economical, which means that very little is needed for everyday use (remember pink pepper)! Only extremely dry skin would “want” a little more cream.

Take care of yourself and make face care a pleasant ritual!

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