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Who am I?

I am Dr. Ludmila Stavro – Freiberga – a cosmetologist with 20 years of experience, a recognized expert in cosmetology and anti-aging. I have extensive experience in the use of laser and quantum hardware technologies, in the use of peelings and injection techniques, I am the creator of copyright techniques in the conduct of anti-age programs, Founder and Head of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Founder and General Director of the RESPONSE cosmetic brand by Dr.Stavro, a modern beauty brand based on a biolistic approach and principles of root therapy.

I am a mother of a beautiful adult daughter, a grandmother of two charming grandchildren. The Panacea Clinic is another long-awaited and beloved child of mine who has already turned 15 years old. Now I have another child, RESPONSE by Dr.Stavro, who needs to be cherished and cherished … I really like my profession. I do not grow flowers, do not cross-stitch and do not bake pies. However, I work a lot, very much and get great pleasure from it!

I think that you will agree with me that the world in which we live has changed a lot over the past 50-30 years. The ecological situation has greatly changed. Food and eating habits have changed. We move too little and experience chronic stress in the form of information pollution and social pressure, we consume large amounts of household chemicals, and in our homes and offices we regularly breathe in the fumes of modern building materials. Yes, the world in which we live has become more “tasty” and comfortable, but at the same time more aggressive for the human body.

What I learned about skin?

The first organ that is experiencing these changes is the skin. Working with clients over past 15 years, I noticed a strong increase in the number of clients with temporary or permanent signs of sensitive skin. These include redness of the skin, a feeling of tightness after washing with water, some pronounced dry spots, peeling, itching and skin rash.
Clients often complain that it is very difficult to find suitable cosmetics, because the skin can be oily and at the same time dehydrated, or very dry, that even active aesthetic medical procedures do not provide improvements. Often, on the background of sensitive skin, various dermatological diseases appear, in addition, such skin is prone to premature aging.

The second, very important discovery in my cosmetology practice was the realization that mistakes in the rules of using cosmetics lead to a decrease in their effectiveness, and often harm.

Then there was a desire to find the answer to these unresolved questions and create a fundamentally new cosmetics that does not contain chemical toxins, emulsifiers and parabens, will be as close as possible to the new living conditions and will become an effective helper and protector from the aggression of the outside world. RESPONSE by Dr.Stavro is not only the answer to the question of what should be modern cosmetics, but also the answer to the question of what should be the right care in general. Rules for the correct use of all cosmetics that answer the questions – What to use? When to use? How and how much? In what sequence? The technique of applying various cosmetics is also important.

Self-care should not be a heavy burden of compliance with certain rules. Home beauty care from Dr. Stavro is a pleasant and simple ritual for improving and healing oneself with the use of beautiful, easy-to-use skincare that has a pleasant texture and an unobtrusive scent. The skincare I have developed is certified in European Union and has passed clinical testing and has proven its physiology and effectiveness.

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