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Dr. Ludmila Stavro – Freiberga – a cosmetologist with 20 years of experience, a recognized expert in cosmetology and anti-aging. Have extensive experience in the use of laser and quantum hardware technologies, in the use of peelings and injection techniques, the creator of copyright techniques in the conduct of anti-age programs, Founder and Head of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, Founder and General Director of the RESPONSE by Dr. Stavro, a modern beauty brand based on a bioholistic approach and principles of corneotherapy.

Who I am?

I am a mother of a beautiful adult daughter, a grandmother of two charming grandchildren. The Panacea Premium Clinic is another long-awaited and beloved child of mine who has already turned 15 years old. Now I have another child, RESPONSE by Dr. Stavro, who needs to be cherished and cherished … I really like my profession. I do not grow flowers, do not cross-stitch and do not bake pies. However, I work a lot, very much and get great pleasure from it!

“Every year there is substantial increase in clients, who complain about skin dryness, itching, irritation, and redness. Women in their 30-s are terrified to notice first signs of aging, early wrinkles, complaining that the available skincare products do not help, nor do the skincare procedures. However all that it is about is sensitive skin.”

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