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Everybody wants to havea beautiful skin, and not to hide it under layers of decorative cosmetics. The true way to this is daily basic care, which should be simple, quick and effective. In order not to get confused with the abundance of beauty products that are offered on the market, and not to buy unnecessary and useless cosmetic products, let us…

Rules of the game

You want a beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. And what I want to tell you is – to get it, it is more than just your skin. Your skin is just a mirror of you. You are a unique combination of four important components – your mind, body, emotions and energy. If you want a beautiful skin, you have to…

Physical activity

You have been given your wonderful body, this is given to you by God or Nature or Your Mother, whatever is your belief. We have been given also User’s Manual for our body – by Mother Nature. Nature has meant this body to function in much higher temperatures, it is meant to be used much more actively. Not a long…

© 2019 All rights reserved. Terms and conditions

© 2019 All rights reserved. Terms and conditions

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