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Skin. Practical Guideline.

Many people do not use cleansing milk, because it leaves a greasy film, clogs up pores, leaves greasy luster and causes discomfort. People with oily skin usually do not even want to hear anything about cleansing milk at all. And it is a big mistake… How to avoid mistakes and how to use milk? 1. Apply a small amount of…

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Anatomy of Sensitive Skin

Doctors say that the problem of sensitive skin is so significant that this phenomenon of the 21st century can no longer be hidden. Have you already faced the problem of choice of the skin care products? You restrain yourself from your favorite daily activities – swimming pool, makeup, sauna and hot bath. Do you know how it feels like? However,…

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Bioholistic approach

The term “HOLISTIC” is increasingly often heard in our lives. It is used in education, medicine, cosmetology, but what does this mean? The Greek word holon means integrity, something that is simultaneously a whole in itself, and a part of something else. A holistic approach implies that everything around us is inseparably associated. If we look at our skin, then,…

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Personal Guide for Oily Skin

Let’s talk about cleansing of oily skin. Many people with oily skin are deeply worried about this, although you should understand that this fact actually gives you a super advantage on the way of age-related changes. But still oily skin can be considered an aesthetic defect, and can also lead to inflammation and hypersensitivity. The last option is very rarely…

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