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26th Apr 2019


Let’s talk about cleansing of oily skin. Many people with oily skin are deeply worried about this, although you should understand that this fact actually gives you an advantage when skin is aging. But still oily skin can be considered an aesthetic defect, and can also lead to inflammation and hypersensitivity. The last option is very rarely diagnosed even by dermatologists.

What does oily sensitive skin mean… a lot of sebum, while the skin is dehydrated, the inflammations that have no relation to acne may appear, as well as the pigmentation may be a problem… The cause of sensitive skin in such case is the excessive sebum secretion, which damages the protective barrier of the skin and which should be eliminated. People with such skin mistakingly begin to wash themselves persistently. But the more often and better they cleanse their skin, the more sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands.

It is an endless circle.

We should understand that cleansing means degreasing. If you have cleansed the skin, degreased it with soap, gel or foam up to the sensation of “scratching”, then your sebaceous glands received a signal that the skin is overdried, and turned on extra power in response to this situation, so producing sebum more and more. TO end this circle it is necessary to start using a gentler cleansing-degreasing cosmetic product, i.e. the fat-containing cosmetic products. Then the cleansing process will not stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce additional sebum.

The comfort experienced by the people with oily skin, problem skin with inflammation when using soap in any form (bar soap, gel soap or foam) is at least not useful, but in case of prolonged use leads to more serious problems.

First, in terms of chemistry, soap is alkali. And, as we know, pH of healthy skin is 5.5, i.e. this is an acidic medium. The acidic surface of the skin protects us from the multiplication of pathogenic microflora on it, thus preventing inflammation. The more often the person with inflamed skin uses soap, the more damage he causes to it!

Secondly, a large amount of water should be usually used to wash off the soaps (gels, foams), and as we know, it is harmful for the skin with damaged protective barrier.

It turns out that we do not understand the essence of the processes occurring with the skin, and have to blame only ourselves.