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2nd May 2019


Travelling, fun, work, sports, children, family, stress, joy and tears. So many things are happening to us, right? We are constantly running somewhere, striving to stay in the stream and reach everything in time. And sometimes we do not understand whether we live or are constantly trying to catch up our lives. However, life is really beautiful…

Everyday routine absorbs us and we forget about ourselves. We forget to stop and devote time to ourselves, only to ourselves. Have you ever thought that life is a great gift given to us from above? Of course, we can dispose of our gifts in different ways, but life is so valuable gift, so you should treat it with care and respect. Why not be happy? Why not to use our life in order to explore the great world around us and inside of us and to get pleasure from it? I would like to share my experience.

My grandmother has lived in the village all her life, she had no education, but she was an endlessly wise person, her numerous observations are worth sharing.

She said: “Anyone is born to be happy, but there are a lot of unhappy people, because it’s very easy to be unhappy, as you always can find something bad, but it’s not easy to be happy, because usually you have to be happy despite certain circumstances. But, if you wish, you can learn to be happy!” Brilliant, I would say!

From the point of view of a modern approach, we are talking about mental hygiene – after all, there is nothing bad in the world, just as there is nothing good, because we give an assessment of everything that happens by ourselves, and this is our choice in which world to live. If we have decided that we are surrounded by boring worthless losers, then our world will be exactly the same – grey. If we see support, enthusiasm, desire to live, then our world is filled with colors. We should learn to see the good things and not to be obsessed with the bad events, to love ourselves, our bodies, after all, it’s really practical and profitable!

Skin care, as the part of our lifestyle, implies the care of ourselves, putting of our thoughts in order, time devoted only to ourselves, our bodies. This is a small restart in the dynamic rhythm of life.

Stay alone with yourself, close the door and devote time to yourself. Skin care should not be tiresome, it should not be an unpleasant duty, it should not be done automatically and simultaneously with some other things. Self-care should be a special ritual, you should learn to get pleasure from it, and do it consciously, by concentrating your attention exactly on the actions that occur at this particular moment. When we are washing away makeup with mycelium water and are cleansing the skin of impurities with a cleansing emulsion, we should imaginatively clean not only the skin, but also ourselves, our mind, our body from all the bad and negative things that happened during the day. When we are coming back home, we change our clothes, so please, “dress up” your face as well, make the vanity, tension, responsibility, insult to leave you – wash away all the negative things that you had to face during the day. Then proceed to the next stage – moisten your face, saturate with the life-giving energy of the tonic and complete the care with application of the cream – give your face everything it needs to be restored, nourished, moisturized and protected, please it, feel how each cell receives new energy with pleasure and gratitude. Enjoy this minute, enjoy yourself, enjoy your beautiful self. Remember that well-groomed, self-confident and happy people are always beautiful, even when they are not perfect!