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14th Mar 2019


You want a beautiful, radiant and healthy skin. And what I want to tell you is – to get it, it is more than just your skin. Your skin is just a mirror of you. You are a unique combination of four important components – your mind, body, emotions and energy. If you want a beautiful skin, you have to live a happy life and all those components have to be balanced and have a comforting match.

In order for you to be your best version of yourself, to be happy, peaceful and joyful, there are certain rules of life, or rules of the game as we say it. Your skin is just a mirror – remmember, therefore – listen to 3 main rules of happy life.

Rule #1 – this is your life

The first rule is that – this is your life. You actively participate in it. You have to accept and take responsibility for your life. It is you and only you who can make a true impact in your life. It is you and only you to whom you are the most important person in this life. All the steps, all the decisions in your life should answer one question – will this make me happier? So rule number one is – take control of your life.

Rule #2 – psychohygiene

The second rule, that is very much following the first rule, is maintaining your psychohygiene. It is hygiene of your mind, emotions and energy. It means simply – do not let bad thoughts in your head. Just dont. Think about your happiness, think about your development, your goals. You can not just waste your life watching it from aside – just sleeping, eating, getting old and dying. This is not the substance of life.

Some of us are optimists, some pesimists. Some are more active, some passive. What the story is about – it is your decision to be happy. And then it is your job to be happy. Happiness just does not happen – it is your choice. It is your choice to notice positive things over negative. It is just your decision to learn to be happy. It might not be easy. But its definitely worth it. And remember that your thoughts are very powerful.

An important step towards moving into positivity mode is setting yourself goals – deciding to learn something – to cook a cake, to learn to dance, to learn to draw or to run. Ask yourself – what it is and then do. Making baby steps, but – I promise – it will make a difference. So rule number two is – taking responsibility and learning to manage your own mind, emotions and energy.

Rule #3 – habbits

The third rule is that your life is all about habbits. Early aging and most deseases are consequences of our lifestyle. If we dont change our habbits – we can not fight it. Expensive medicine and beauty treatments wont correct our inproper attitude towards our mind and our body. Mother earth has given us our body and even has given instructions how to use it, and our task is to just treat it well. So rule number three – understand, that what you do to your body and what you eat – will impact how you feel and how you look. Its all in your hands to be beautiful and healthy.