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24th Mar 2019


Everybody wants to havea beautiful skin, and not to hide it under layers of decorative cosmetics. The true way to this is daily basic care, which should be simple, quick and effective.

In order not to get confused with the abundance of beauty products that are offered on the market, and not to buy unnecessary and useless cosmetic products, let us start with the formation of the BASE.

Three main basic principles of skin care:

# Cleansing

We should do it every evening, regardless of whether you used makeup or not. Sweat, dust, dead skin cells that need to be removed are being accumulated on the skin during the day.

Gentle cleansing is necessary for all types of skin, normal, dry, combination skin, as the skin is exposed to aggressive environmental effects every day. Please, remember that water is also an aggressor.

Gentle care – cleansing face milk but ONLY in the evening


# Toning

Should be done twice a day, in the evening after cleansing and in the morning instead of cleansing. The task of the tonic is the strengthening of the protective barrier of the skin and epidermis preparation for the application of the moistening agent.

The skin does not need to be cleansed with milk in the morning. We just need to remove the “dust” that has accumulated over the night. Thus, we do not adversely affect the protective barrier of the skin.

Tone the skin in the morning instead of cleansing and in the evening after cleansing

# Moisturizing

Do it twice a day and complete our care.

Proper BASIC cosmetic skin care guarantees the preservation of youthfulness and beauty.