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17th Jan 2020


As the year changes, we are reflecting on what this new chapter will bring. During this time, it is especially important to set goals and strive for a successful year in all fields of our lives.

Author and creator of “Response by Dr. Stavro” cosmetics and Founder of Aestethic Medicine and Anti-Age Clinic “Panacea Premium” Dr. Stavro fully agrees with this and shares ideas on how to make the New 2020 a year of BLISS:
– Allow yourself to be happy! Don’t think about what will happen in a year, two or five. If you believe in yourself and in your own power, you know you are responsible for your own decisions and actions, everything will be just fine with you. One of the biggest problems for people, is being too careful about their own happiness. They think that if you they feel good today, it will probably be over soon. Thoughts materialize, be careful!
– If you want to achieve something, formulate your feelings in a detailed and subtle way so that you are not misunderstood. It is not for nothing that there is a phrase which sounds “be scared of your desires because they can come true”. Nowadays, we often want exactly what we see, for instance, on social networks of others – to have a glorious, carefree life, a big, fat happiness that, unfortunately, can only seem to be out of the box. But what we do not see is what’s “behind the scenes”. So you can get what you want, but you won’t be happy with it.
– Crave emotions and sensations, not things! Think about how you will feel when you have what you want. This is the most accurate definition of how to think (plus feel) to achieve one’s desires. “I want to be healthy, happy, loved” – that’s your key to success. If you want a house, a car or a husband, you may also get some unpleasant side effects.

But the most important recommendation from Dr. Stavro for anyone this year – listen to your intuition, emotions, needs and change your daily routine, even if it involves changing people in it! See the world and people without attributing a positive or negative tone to them. People are neither good nor bad, the problem lies in the wrong distance.

Everything is in your hands! Good luck!