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Ludmila Stavro-Freiberga is founder of the company and the author of the product idea. A beautician with 20 years of experience, a recognized expert in cosmetology and anti-aging aesthetic medicine, with extensive experience in laser technologies, peeling and injection techniques.

Founder of aesthetic medicine clinic Panacea Premium.

Dr. Stavro is a member of the board of Latvia Association of anti-aging and integrative medicine and the curator of the international institute of integrated, preventive and anti-age medicine “Preventage” in Baltic.

Who I am? 

In addition to all of the above, I am a mother of a beautiful adult daughter, a grandmother of two charming grandchildren. The Panacea Premium Clinic is another long-awaited and beloved child of mine who has already turned 16 years old. Now I have another child, RESPONSE by Dr. Stavro, who needs to be cherished and cherished… I really like my profession. I do not grow flowers, do not cross-stitch and do not bake pies.

However, I work a lot and I get a lot of joy from it, especially seeing that I can help- that the result of my work helps customers look and feel better! The joy of my happy customers for the result of beautiful skin is my biggest prize!

How did the idea come about…

Having worked in the field of cosmetology and preventive medicine for more than 20 years, I have realized that the general development of civilization has been very rapid, both giving us revolutionary technologies and concepts and making our lives more dynamic and alarming, but cosmetics have not kept up, and has not fundamentally changed over the last 100 years. 

In cosmetology, marketing has become more important than composition. Cosmetics are common, consisting of 90% base, which contains aggressive emulsifiers that irritate the skin, to which a small dose of the active substance is added, the task of which is to combat the consequences of a skin problem, not the causes. Marketing has also taught us to use a lot of different products at the same time for each time of day and square centimeter of skin. 

Unfortunately, all this has certain consequences. My twenty years of experience show that only 10% of people had sensitive skin when they started their careers, but now it is already 90%. This means that 9 out of 10 people today have various manifestations of skin sensitivity. This is a confusing statistic, as the number of complaints about dehydration, dry skin, peeling, redness, irritation, premature wrinkles, excessive oiliness, inflammatory elements and pigmentation is increasing. The skin no longer copes. It is high time to abandon outdated paradigms and start using modern approaches. 

That's why I've developed a response living philosophy as well as cosmetics Response by Dr. Stavro. Response skin care or corneotherapy is a fundamentally new science-based cosmetics and approach to beauty, based on the progressive discovery that skin health and beauty depends on the health of the stratum corneum of the skin. This is a story about skin protection

The new generation of cosmetics uses a revolutionary lamellar emulsion base instead of the classic emulsifiers, which is physiologically related to the skin, helping it to regenerate and naturally protect itself from aggressive external environmental factors. 90% of any of our products consists of an active substance that works for the skin. In this way, the cosmetic product affects the causes of the skin problem, not just the manifestations, making it not only beautiful, but also truly healthy. 

Cosmetics created in Northern Europe Response by Dr. Stavro is free from allergens, silicones, alcohol, parabens, as well as has not been tested on animals, is vegan friendly, opposes environmental pollution. It is very economical to use and intelligently versatile - one Response by Dr. Stavro cream is intended for use on any part of the body both day and night. It is an essential part of skin care for modern city dwellers. 

I invite you to join my response living philosophy today! 

Dr. Ludmila Stavro-Freiberga





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